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Breanna Mills Photography is looking for an on call/as needed (with notice) Photography Assistant to help primarily with wedding day shoots, and possibly other assignments. Please review the job description below and click here to apply online.

  • This position is "on-call/as-needed." Generally weddings are booked at least several months in advance, so you wouldn't normally be asked to work at the last minute. 
  • This position is intended to assist Bree on wedding days. This can include a wide variety of tasks, including helping with equipment, running errands, running to the last location and "grabbing that stupid thing I forgot," and serving as a second photographer throughout the day.
  • It is important to note that while this position may include some second shooter responsibilities, the primary purpose it to be a second set of hands and eyes to ensure the day goes smoothly. If you want it, Bree will make sure that there are opportunities for you to build your portfolio while working with her, but the main goal is making sure everything runs smoothly for the bride and groom and that Bree is able to hit all the shots she needs for the day. 
  • Some training will be provided. We understand that getting exposure to things like photographing weddings is difficult to come by. Serving as an assistant will help you get a good feel for what is involved in tackling a wedding from start to finish, especially if photography is something you wish to pursue in the future.
  • Basic camera knowledge is preferred. Understanding things like accurate focus, adjusting aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. is a huge advantage. Bree can provide some training in these areas. Wedding days include lots of change in scenery and light and relying on your camera's "auto" settings will not yield the best results.
  • A wedding day can sometimes last up to 12+ hours for the photographer. The assistant may be asked to be available during the entire day or for a portion thereof.
  • Any and all images shot on the wedding day will become property of Breanna Mills Photography. BMP will provide you with a written release to use images you shoot for your personal portfolio. Any public display of these photos must indicate they were taken while assisting Breanna Mills Photography.
  • Starting pay rate is $12/hr.

How to apply:

Applying for this position is easy! Click the button below to visit the online application. Bree will be reviewing applications by Friday April 20 and following up with selected applicants.

Thank you for your interest. The position has been filled.

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