Image Credit:  Ashley D Scheider

Image Credit: Ashley D Scheider

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Hi friend!

Welcome to the page where you get to see pictures of my face and hear me talk about myself!

First of all, call me Bree. Hopefully one day I’ll have the honor of meeting seeing YOUR face in person, but for now we will settle for a virtual *hug* if you’re a hugger. If not, we will go with a *fist bump*... but only if you add the explosion on the end. (Extra points if you make the Baymax sound at the end.)

These “About Me” pages always make me feel super narcissistic, so I’m going to do us all a favor and skip the “This has been my passion since I picked up my first camera in my mother’s womb” speech. It’s boring, and I try to be anything but boring.

Let’s go with a simple “I might be the right photog for you if....”

  1. You like my work. This may sound like a dumb one, but for real, make sure you like the style and work of the person you choose to document your love story. It’s important.

  2. You want a photographer who is high energy, enthusiastic, and makes a lot of corny jokes.

  3. You want someone who is NOT going to lie to you and say you look awesome when you’ve been happy crying and you’ve got mascara running down your face and you look like a zombie drag queen. I’m gonna tell you if you’ve got a crazy fly away hair, or a booger in your nose, or spinach in your teeth. Because that’s what friends do... I got your back, girl!

  4. You want someone who is super laid back and goes with the flow. I’m ALWAYS nice, and dealing with difficult Mother-in-Laws and rowdy groomsmen are my specialties.

  5. You like to laugh, have fun, and are okay with me asking you to do some things that sound super crazy or silly and trust that it’ll turn into something fab.

  6. You like Harry Potter. Just kidding. This isn’t a requirement, but if you do, mention it and we will geek out together. 🤣

Well, I feel like that’s enough talking about myself. I hope some of this at least gives you an idea of what I’m about. If you have any questions, shoot me a message! I’m pretty much a baller at replying to emails and I’m all over social media, so find me and let’s connect!

I can’t wait to meet you!